Why yes, I covet this desk. Of course I do. 

This reminds me of what Arsene Lupin would use for his many secrets and disguises :3.

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please no halloween posts just yet. there’s still 2 months left

did someone say halloween

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So one time my dad bought a skeleton for Halloween, and one day he decided to place it in the kitchen to scare me and it went too far…

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First of all thank you for all your kind wishes on my recovery. It really means a lot to me.

As a little thank you for your support, I’d like to give away a pencil sketch like the one above.

These are the rules for entering:

  • reblog or like this entry as much as you like
  • no need to…

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Apt update and decided not to insert read more break

After many tries to apply and view apartments, I finally have one.

Long story somewhat short, I found one back downtown, just a bit further from job #1 and where I used to be (but the area looks so much better), so we’ll see what busing will cost me. I am planning to get a better job because the atmosphere is making me worse.(No supervisor this week, she’s on a well deserved vacation, however, that means no extra help, way to go manager….)

The apartment is expensive, and I was hoping to save so much with cheaper places, but selection was getting slim. My luck for applications were awful, but finally… Anyways, from the selection of one main building that I viewed, I decided to go with a larger bachelor. I really wanted the top floor with no neighbours, except for the one shared wall in the kitchen. It would have been wonderful. But as it was taken, I grabbed a second floor one. Still good.You know what this means? No drunk people pissing at my window. Yayy! Regardless, it took a lot of emails, frequent panic attacks because of tiny hiccups of things not going smoothly as possible; and convincing of the parentals, especially my step-dad to sign as cosigner. It sucks that I’m at this age where it’s almost embarrassing. Wish I could have a better paying job, but with my qualification and talent in nothing, there’s not much…

So all was sent last week and waiting patiently for a response on the weekend. But I received good news on Friday and relief came over me. And today got the insurance problem done and just waiting for the lease to be either sent to me or a scheduled date for me to come in and sign it. And all I have to worry after that is what should be done with my storage and help my friend/roommate pack up and move his stuff.


Health update and a bit of personal stuff:

So I also managed to go to the clinic, trying for a last minute appointment. I was able to see the doc that I have been seeing as regularly as I can. I went in for my lost inhaler situation. So I got a new prescription for it, after that horrid breathing test that I don’t pass very well. Got a trial for another inhaler because it’s wicked expensive, to see if that will treat the constant sniffles straight to bronchitis or chest cold. I was going to be referred to a lung specialist (got a call today). With this humidity and running around at work while there’s construction debris floating about, my breathing’s not doing so good, not to mention my hyperventilating from my attacks. So, it finally took me this long, that I finally broke down, literally, and told him about them. It took me this long to finally get medical help for this condition that has worsen. I got home and the moment I closed the door, I bawled in relief, slightly ashamed but proud that I got the help. I had been afraid that therapy was the only thing that was going to be suggested; I had a bad experience when I relapsed after doing so well, back in grade-school which gave me a distrust of therapists. I feel that I don’t need to go through that process. I blocked certain things, that I don’t wish to relive or rethink about. I’m doing better without that constant thought. And as for “talking about my feelings”, my friends are great people to get me through the bad bits.

I am grateful.

This post took a lot of me. The week too with all its ups and downs. I need a good rest. Maybe after the move lol

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Multiple sprees of thrift finds.

Zombie tee- Just in time, since I did walk around like one with this sudden cold. Also found The Goonies tee. The Lone Gunmen dvd in good condition is pictured with; and a Ramones tee (not pictured)

Sake & Sushi set - I came across eat set in different isles. Too perfect to pass up and it comes in black. :3

Take it easy glass- Funny little happenstance to find an expression I say. I know they meant it as “relax” but I say this to people as in Take care, Have a good one kind of thing.

Sandals-   Demonia platform sandals that are normally 40-60$. I paid like 6$. :3

TNBC bags- I needed a new bag for carrying one of my uniforms. It has a reversible flap. I paid about 4$. Just needed to clean it and I might have to fix the strap since it looks like the adjustable has been broken off.

Cute 2$ purse.

Closet stuff-  In search of things for my future apartment, I found a few useful items. Extra rack for closet. And towel rack to be held on door hinges. Many uses.

Also not pictured, a tiny desk that I bought for like 15$ since I my corner one was lost in the Great Flood of 2014. :P

Happy finds. :3

Ah comicon madness!

These are just what I was able to capture with my phone and some bonus stuff. More will soon come at a later time. So in order:

- Kids also need the upboost for photo ops.

- Powerful gods! lol

- Just in time for new Sailor Godzilla movie. :P

- I believe this was Darkman. But the line was moving before I can get a better shot.

- “I am the law!”

- And here comes a semi long explanation: 

This guy was a couple of people behind us. I almost didn’t give a second look but the rose in the holster caught me. I had to quickly snap some shots. Even though I was excited when I asked for photos, I think I made this guy’s day; “One person got it!”

Do you kennet?   :3

- Here comes storytime #2: 

As with all comicons, you eagerly await for an autograph.Of course I could not pass up Robert Englund. My turn came around and we had the option to have more than just our names written. So I explained about the time where I had insomnia for 4 days and someone had joked about not falling asleep or “Freddy’s gonna get you”, and someone’s other comment was “as if. They’d have tea!”  I couldn’t pass that chance.

But then I mentioned that I was still a long fan of Phantom of the Opera and had a quick minute chat about that. I had mentioned that I had originally planned to bring my vhs copy to have signed (as everyone would have Nightmare related), but was lost in that storage incident. 

 He then grabbed the next photo, his Erik persona. Signed it and gave it to me. No charge.

What a freaking amazing man! 


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 Surprise Black Sabbath concert tickets are the best!


I’m a little behind in posting.

This was a couple of weeks ago. My friend tricked me until we got near the location and had held the tickets for a while. He doesn’t really listen to my style of music, so it was nice of him to put up with me and Ozzy. He actually had fun. So yayy.

They were good seats too. It’s too bad my camera phone doesn’t work that well in this lighting.

Although one fantastic shot came through. I don’t think what concert that would have came from matters; it’s totally wicked.